Crypto 2010 rump session

The Crypto 2010 rump session took place Tuesday 17 August 2010 from 19:30 PDT to 23:00 PDT. Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange served as chairs. The rump session was broadcast live via

The call for submissions has been archived on a separate page. A preliminary printed schedule was distributed before lunch on Tuesday. The final schedule appears below.

Crypto 2010 rump session, Tuesday 17 August 2010
19:30Bart PreneelBart PreneelIACR Fellowship Ceremonyslides
19:45Cetin Koc and Jean-Jacques QuisquaterJean-Jacques QuisquaterCHES openingslides
19:48Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja LangeDaniel J. Bernstein and Tanja LangeWelcome to the Crypto rump session
19:51Nadia Heninger and Hovav ShachamNadia HeningerNotes on the History of Cryptoslides
19:53Edouard Cuvelier, Alphonse Magnus and Jean-Jacques QuisquaterJean-Jacques QuisquaterHow old and known are the Edwards curvesslides
19:55Hilarie OrmanHilarie OrmanThe IACR Archive of Technical Papersslides
Hash functions
19:58Itai Dinur and Adi ShamirAdi ShamirAn Algebraic Attack on Hamsi-256
20:03Christina Boura, Anne Canteaut, Christophe De CanniereChristophe De CanniereBeware of optimistic weather forecastslides
20:08Gaëtan LeurentGaëtan LeurentSelf-Defence Against Fresh Fruitslides
20:12Charles Bouillaguet, Pierre-Alain Fouque, Praveen Gauravaram and Gaëtan LeurentPraveen GauravaramHow good are some 2nd round SHA3 hashes when their compression functions are weak?slides
20:16Gideon YuvalGideon YuvalMulticollisions: what Joux does not imply
20:21Praveen Gauravaram, Nasour Bagheri and Lars R.KnudsenPraveen GauravaramFixing non-randomness in PGVsslides
20:25Yuji SugaYuji SugaReconsideration of public key fingerprintsslides
More cryptanalysis
20:55Piotr Mroczkowski, Janusz SzmidtJanusz SzmidtThe cube attack on stream cipher Trivium and quadraticity testsslides
20:59Itai Dinur and Adi ShamirAdi ShamirAn Algebraic Attack on Grain-128
21:03Andrey Bogdanov, Vincent RijmenAndrey BogdanovUniversal Related-Key Linear Hull Distinguishers for Key-Alternating Block Ciphersslides
21:07Yu Sasaki, Kan YasudaYu SasakiFormalizing Known-Key "Distinguishers" -- New Attacks on Feistel Ciphersslides
21:11Lars R. Knudsen, Gregor LeanderJulia BorghoffMake the world a better place...slides
21:13Henry Cohn and Nadia HeningerNadia HeningerCoppersmith's Theorem XVII: Coppersmith UNLEASHEDslides
21:17Craig Gentry, Shai HaleviCraig GentryCryptanalytic Challenges for FHEslides
Leakage resilience
21:21Allison Lewko, Yannis Rouselakis, Brent WatersYannis RouselakisAchieving Leakage Resilience through Dual System Encryptionslides
21:25Elette Boyle, Gil Segev, Daniel WichsElette BoyleFully Leakage-Resilient Signaturesslides
21:29Jorge González-Díaz and Francisco Rodríguez-HenríquezFrancisco Rodríguez-HenríquezLeakage-resilient cryptographers in the Latincrypt-modelslides
21:33Abhishek Jain, Krzysztof PietrzakAbhishek JainOn Leakage Resilience Amplification via Repetition
21:33Abhishek Jain, Krzysztof PietrzakAbhishek JainOn Leakage Resilience Amplification via Repetition
21:33Abhishek Jain, Krzysztof PietrzakAbhishek JainOn Leakage Resilience Amplification via Repetition
21:37Zvika Brakerski, Yael Tauman Kalai, Jonathan Katz, Vinod VaikuntanathanZvikaOvercoming the Hole in the Bucket: Public-Key Cryptography Resilient to Continual Memory Leakage
21:41Jon Callas, Tamzen Cannoy, Nicko van SomerenNicko van SomerenOn the Leakage of Zero-Knowledgeslides
More good news
22:10Yvo Desmedt, Stelios Erotokritou, Rebecca WrightYvo DesmedtTowards Secure Internet Votingslides
22:14Ronald L. Rivest et al.Ronald L. RivestReport on Takoma Park election using scantegrityslides
22:17ETSI-SAGE, Chair: Steve Babbage, VodafoneHelena HandschuhNew mobile phone security algorithmsslides
22:19Krzysztof PietrzakKrzysztof PietrzakSubspace LWE and Non-HB Style Authentication from LPNslides
22:24Zvika Brakerski and Shafi Goldwasser and Yael Tauman KalaiZvikaBlack-Box Circular Secure Encryption Beyond Affine Functions
22:27Tal Malkin, Isamu Teranishi and Moti YungMoti YungEfficient Block-Wise KDM (Circular) Encryptionslides
22:30C. Aguilar, P. Gaborit, P. Lacharme, J. SChrek and G. ZemorP. GaboritNoisy Diffie-Hellman protocols or code-based key exchanged and encryption without maskingslides
22:33Tolga Acar, Karen Easterbrook and Brian LaMacchiaBrian LaMacchiaImplementing Fiber-based Steganography for Pairingsslides
22:36Özgür Dagdelen, Marc Fischlin, Anja Lehmann, Christian SchaffnerMarc FischlinRandom Oracles in a Quantum Worldslides
22:39Seung Geol Choi, Aggelos Kiayias, Tal MalkinAggelos KiayiasBiTR Cryptographyslides
22:42Michael Gerbush, Allison Lewko, Brent WatersMichael GerbushDual Form Signaturesslides
22:45Dan Boneh and David Mandell FreemanDavid Mandell FreemanHomomorphic signatures over binary fieldsslides
22:48Yuval Ishai and Abishek Kumarasubramanian and Claudio Orlandi and Amit SahaiClaudio OrlandiOn Invertible Sampling and Adaptive Securityslides
22:51Rikke Bendlin, Ivan Damgård, Claudio Orlandi, Sarah ZakariasSarah ZakariasA Framework for Semi-Homomorphic Public Key Cryptosystems with Applications to MPCslides
22:54Zvika Brakerski, Yael Tauman KalaiZvikaA Framework for Signatures, Ring Signatures and Identity-Based Encryption in the Standard Model
22:57Tom Berson, Nigel Smart, Raphael C.-W. Phan, Orr Dunkelman, Dan PageOrr DunkelmanUniversal Compostible Secure Broadcast\ based on Commutative Random Algebraic Partitionsslides
Conference announcements,
18--22 October 2010, Redmond: Workshop on Elliptic Curve Computations,
13--15 December 2010, Yamanaka Hot Spring: Pairing 2010,
6--9 March 2011, Taormina: PKC 2011,
21--24 May 2011, Amsterdam: ICITS 2011,